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Following a love of his youth, photographer Nick Van de Vel, for a very short and intense period of time, turned to focusing on peoples’ dance moves and body languages “as expressions of what once considered animalistic”. Van de Vel’s affinity was no accident: He grew up listening to records of 1950’s music left by his grandfather who was a ballroom dancer.  His awareness of posture, dress, and gesture formed early and would accompany him throughout his life. His fascination for this subject echoed with a photographic style of film noir, high contrast by using a flashlight, that led him to enter the dance circle to capture this deeply intuitive work. 

In this series we see hands squeezed together, crossed legs, the tail of a weasel belt suspended in air, bodies displaying their beauty on the dance floor until they move up into each other and dance in entanglement. It is a pause from the usual awareness of where we are nowadays. One can dream away. 

The photographs in Moves were taken in 2015, made in 3 locations in Belgium: Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp. A live band played, a circle formed and bodies started moving. Van de Vel has self-published this book in 2016 and has had the book displayed on different photo book fairs across Europe (Ireland, Sicily, France, Sweden). 


Self-published, 48 pages, 22 B/W plates 

Edition of 100

Every copy has a hand printed cover on Raisin Coat Paper,  made in the darkroom and comes with a silver gelatin print (size: 18x24cm)

Price: 45 euro

All pictures © 2022 Nick Van de Vel


Nick Van de Vel